In its beginning it began with 10 people working in both administrative and operational areas and had 4 national manual plastic injection machines and the main products innovated and developed as a success case since its inception were the tamarind pots and the propeller vanes , among other. In 1983, two medium-sized companies, Publipas and Deri plastic, were acquired, so they changed their name to Industrias Plásticas Martin, with which they located all the machinery in a single plant, now having 8 automatic injection machines and 50 collaborators between operative personnel and

administrative, now the product line increases and household items are also manufactured.

In the 80s s began the story of Martin s, Mr. Miguel Angel Martin González, who has always been identified by his entrepreneurial, creative and innovative spirit, since he was a young worker, he kept up with his university studies. work in the sale of cars, work that would give him the opportunity to meet a client who had a nice picture of horses which he found interesting to Mr. Miguel Angel, so he decides to express interest in buying it, but the surprise was that it was only for sale along with a small plastics factory, this intrigued him more and decided to know the factory, so it would be who along with the support of his wife would make the decision to acquire it, taking the risk and turning it into a new opportunity to work where he could focus his vision, creativity and innovation, which thanks to good management and vision to the future in the industry took shape under the social name of "Toys m plastic art. "

For the decade of the 90's dabble in the promotional products for consumer products in which they are currently leaders in this segment having more than 1000 promotional campaigns for global consumer brands, among these successful products are: olocoons, pegalocos, crecencios , food containers and thermoses of various brands for sale by catalog among others.


At the beginning of 2000 to 2008, the custom manufacturing capacity was developed, expanding its offer especially in export, now focused on 4 segments, which are home products, flavorings, games and toys.

Today, his son Ing. Miguel A. Martin Tellez, who inherited the enterprising and enthusiastic spirit, is the one who has contributed to the growth of the company and the constant updating of it to meet the needs of the market, as well as with certifications of quality assurance, social compliance and security, which is reflected in its growth and positioning in the market.


Currently Martin s has 3 production plants, about 500 employees, and commercial offices in South America and Europe which work daily to maintain the high standards and above all so that any product you can think about, we can do it

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