We offer concept, CAD-assisted 3D drawing, prototyping, mold making and mass production services. Our factory base and design office allows us to offer a specialized integral solution for clients, converting concepts into high quality products that can be exported to the whole world.


We combine extensive experience in the production of plastic materials, a solid base of support for research, development and modern methods to provide customers with the best possible service and build lasting business relationships.


We have a team of expert designers and illustrators working together with experienced engineers. We take concepts and abstract ideas and turn them into drawings and sketches


After the sketching we created a 3D digital model that can be used as a base for prototypes. Using advanced and updated softwares, our designers can create beautiful digital models of the product, making the modification an easier process.


Our experts sculpt highly detailed 1: 1 scale models. We also use digital culture, working from existing models in 3D.


We use modern techniques of assembly of molds and tools. Our tool plant, based in Hong Kong, is equipped with automated sculpture machines. The insertions of molds are made in our facilities of automated tools, supervised by experienced engineers and highly trained personnel, before moving them to our plants for mass production.


It consists of transferring a printed film to color when applying heat, allowing it to be placed on a flat or conical surface, it allows a great adherence to the plastic, therefore it is not erased when coming into contact with water. Used in hermetic cuvettes.


Pad printing or tampon printing is an indirect offset printing process that consists in the transfer of the ink to the product from a plate of engraved metal, through an intermediate silicone pad that creates the image.


In Mold labels are created from an advanced and innovative technique where labels with a type of heat-activated adhesive are used to obtain a pre-decorated element using labels. Paper or plastic during its manufacture by means of blow mold, terraformed mold or by injection, is used to highlight the visual quality of the container leaving behind decorating techniques with self-adhesive and thermal transfer.


Our mission is to satisfy the needs of the packaging, assembly and decoration of the clients through the manipulation of the pieces produced. In this sense, our packaging division has 10 high-speed Flow Pack machines that allow us to assemble up to 1 million pieces a day. As a complement to this division we have flexible personnel lines that carry out tasks of assembly, decoration, packaging and mixing.


Our productive capacities would be useless without an adequate administration of the inputs and products, this is where our department of warehouses plays a key role, allowing us to manage, store and distribute the products at the right time. We have the necessary infrastructure to store and distribute the products according to the needs of each client, even delivering under the system just in time always fulfilling the promised times

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